We have a private sauna for 2-4 people.

Our sauna complex includes a traditional sauna, infrared cabin, steam room or Turkish bath and a octobad.

There is an indoor relaxation room with fireplace and an outdoor relaxation area. There are all  sorts of arrangements and formulas.

Our sauna can be rented per package and this is always according availability and reservation.


Per 2 persons 2 hours                              € 65

3rd person 2h                                           € 20

4th person 2h                                           € 15

Children between 6 and 12   2 hours       € 10

per half hour extra                                    € 15

Breakfast Package (full breakfast)   

            2h30                   € 100 

Breakfast package with Crémant (full breakfast with bottle of Crémant)

           2h30                    € 125

Romance Package Crémant (hot and cold appetizers + bottle of Crémant)

           2h                        € 120

Romance Package wine (hot and cold appetizers + bottle of wine)

          2h30                      € 120

Luxury romantic Crémant (hot and cold appetizers + bottle of Crémant)

          3h30                       € 150

Luxury romantic wine (hot and cold appetizers + bottle of wine)

          3h30                       € 135

Special lunch or diner (choice of smoked salmon platter, parma ham with melon or cheese platter with a small bottle of wine per person)

         2h30                        € 120

Lunch or dinner package (2h sauna + meal Restaurant: drink + soup + main course + coffee (drink at the table not included))

         2h                            € 100


Dressing room

With your clothes still on, you first go to the dressing rooms.

With your clothes you put everything behind you : the daily grind, the bad weather and of course your shoes.

Do not forget  to leave your jewelry in the dressing room. The dressing room is closed so you do not have to fear that something might disappear.

Next go dressed in a bathrobe to the venue for the various pools and saunas.

When leaving the room look arround to see if you have notting forgotten..

Shower and foot bath

The showers are at your disposal as well as shower gel and shampoo. That way you not only cleans your body, you also wash away stress and annoyances, and the traces of everyday life, such as sweat and other fumes.

Those who clean themselves very good before the sauna baths, sweat even better!

Do not forget to wipe you well before you enter the sauna after taking a shower. Every drop of water to prolong the process of sweating.

After taking a sauna, it is important to cool down and this can in the shower or the cold bucket. It is also the most efficient way to normalize the body temperature quickly.

The foot bath allows you to warm up your feet after the cold shower. This is very good for the circulation.

It is also very important to take a warm foot bath before using the sauna to get  your normal body temperature.

Steam cabin

the difference between a regular sauna and steam room is a steam bath has a much lower temperatures and gives a much higher humidity.

If you enter the bath, you will be immediately enveloped by a dense fog. In streams along the cabin flows down. You can be assured that this is no sweat. It is rather the pure water vapor, which condenses on the surface and releases heat.

It is recommended to take a steam baht first and after cooling to enter the sauna. Remember: do not forget between the steam room and sauna to ensure sufficient cooling and the inclusion of small breaks.

People with dry skin experienced a steam bath as very pleasant.

Infrared cabine

The sweat cabin is heated by infrared heaters. Of a round - sweat enjoyment as in classical sauna is not possible in this type of sauna as not all body parts are evenly heated.

Here we speak of generating a cozy atmosphere. This feeling of comfort arises when the temperature of the human body and the temperature of its surroundings are in equilibrium. Here the heat absorbed by the body in balance with the heat produced and delivered.

In the infrared saunas heat penetrates deep into your skin (to 7mm), warms up your muscles and joints completely.

The infrared sauna can be used between regular sauna sessions but is also advisable to use as the last.


The most important part of any sauna complex is the wooden sauna cabin - the sweat box.

The sauna benches are arranged one above the other, according to the different heat zones. The sauna heater with hot stones spreads its warmth. Next to the stove you will find a wooden water bucket with a spoon to pour the water.

A few drops of essential oil into the ladle and the bidding becomes a scent experience. It enhances your sense of well being. Eg. Lavender has a calming and relaxing effect.

Make sure you are dry before entering the sauna. Every drop of water on your skin unnecessarily slows down the sweating process.

In our sauna you can enjoy a light therapy that affect your mood and your physiology.

The psychological effect of colors by the human body go through the eyes. Through the eyes light guides to the brains and affect many biological and physical processes in our body. Colours play an important role, depending on the various body colors are addressed and activated. Physical absorption takes place essentially through skin color by direct radiation. Hence color light has a beneficial therapeutic effect on our body.


Blue stands for reflection, contemplation and meditatie.Blue the color of the sky and water connect you with a burning desire, space and cooling. Cold slows the human functions, the basis why blue relaxing and soothing and works with nervous disorders, insomnia, restlessness and anxiety can be beneficial work.


Green indicates above all confidence and strength, the color of nature. Green light brings us to rest and inspires us together. Green light has a positive effect on the bronchi and lungs, and nervous disorders, headaches and arthritis.


Yellow dissolves tension and fulfills hopes and expectations. It works good on your mood. Yellow carries the positive attitude and overall sense of wellbeing. Yellow colors can stimulate nerves and strengthen dispel melancholy and melancholy, and gastrointestinal disorders may be settled.

Red activates the heart and circulation. This color is soothing from within. People associate red with fire and blood. The color of the activity, vitality and warmth. Red should stimulate blood flow and thus a general increase in the well-being and promote vitality. It also stimulates the activity of skin and glands.

Octo bath

The octo is an octagonal pool with 28 jets across the side wall of the bath.

One can activate the blower by means of electronic control, it drives a pulsating massage, constantly up and down.

In this pool you can relax and get back to your senses.

A octobad can be compared with a jacuzzi with the difference that after every turn, the water is removed and fresh water for each customer.

Relax area

This space invites you to relax and rest.

You can use the sun loungers and forget the world around while you sit in your bathrobe crawl away.

There are magazines and books to read but you can feel free to bring your own favorite book.

You can also use the offered drinks and fruit.

The breaks between rounds are about 10 to 15 minutes each so your body can get enough rest.

There is also an relax area outside.


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