Massage room

We have a separate room for giving massages, peels and wraps and manicures, pedicures, facials etc.

Our treatments can be done with two people simultaneously in the same room.

If this happen with sauna the treatments  are in the sauna room itself so you do not have to move into the building.

We have different packages combined with sauna (see section sauna) but all this can be done without sauna.

All massages and treatments are always on the reservation and availability.

Massages - Treatments


Anti-stress massage (choice of several oils)

                                            € 45 per person

Hot stone massage (full body massage with hot lava stones)

                                            € 55 per person

Body massage with cocoa oil

                                            € 50 per person

Peeling with honey, chocolate or black soap

                                            € 25 per person

Wrap with honey, Rassoul (mud) or chocolate

                                            € 25 per person

Honey package (scrub and wrap with honey and massage)

                                            € 75 per person

Hot Chocolate spa (scrub (cocoa) + gasket (chocolate) + massage (cocoa) + chocolate facial with mask)

                                            € 90 per person

Herbal facial (cleaning + peeling + mask + herbal stamp massage)

                                            € 60 per person

Herbal Body (Full body massage with herbal stamps)

                                            € 60 per person

Pregnancy massage (full body massage on warm water cushions so you can peacefully lie on your back and still get a massage anywhere. Very relaxing for the sore back at the end of a pregnancy.)

                                            € 50 per person

Anti-stress massage

A massage helps relax the body and mind. 

Our modern way of life : we ​​walk around very often stressed and tense. This massage also makes sure that you get back your vitality and feel relaxed.

It not only relax the muscles but you can mentally relax. Everything seems to flow again. And you can handle the whole world again.

Choose from six different oils

Pressed pure almond oil : Is a soothing nourishing oil that is great for all skin types but especially dry, mature, irritated, wrinkles and itching skin .

Almond oil + Eucalyptus : Eucalyptus works enlightening and illuminating. Comfortable with cold.

Almond oil + lavender : Lavender is cleansing and invigorating the body and is very soothing.

Almond oil + lemon grass : Lemon grass works enlightening and activate the mind. Along with the massage the oil stimulates the lymph system, to a better waste disposal.

Almond oil + rosemary : Rosemary works warming and stimulating the blood circulation.

Almond oil + ylang ylang : ylang ylang aphrodisiac works. Offer a helping hand with tension and stress. Ylang Ylang is soothing and hydrating the skin.

Hotstone massage


This form of massage is a holistic treatment that purifies and harmonizes work. This powerful function allows us to calm and balance. This massage is performed with basalt and marble stones.

Massage technique works on physical, emotional and spiritual level. It is a combination of massage and heat therapy.

A hot stone treatment is a challenge for the body, a haven for the mind and a journey for the mind!

Hamman experience or Sigretti di marroc

Of the Mediterranean coasts to the top of the Atlas Mountains, Morocco is an unprecedented fairy land. A land of a thousand and one nights.

We bring you, with this arrangement, the Moroccan tradition closer to beauty.

Pamper your skin first with the black soap from 100% natural vegetable paste that is obtained through the crushing of oil seeds from which olive oil is pressed naturally rich in vitamin E. She cleans and makes the skin silky soft and well hydrated. You feel immediately warm and pleasant relaxation.

Afterwards, enjoy a vigorous exfoliation, according to tradition this is done by a professional hand, and using the kessa scrub glove. The vigorous rubbing to the perfectly smooth, but clean and exfoliate the skin, so velvety soft.

After this thorough cleaning you can enjoy the beneficial effects of rassoulpakking. These natural brown clay seal dates from the 12th century and comes from the warm fertile valleys of Morocco. Rassoul possesses the most natural, healthiest and most beautiful elements of the earth, including mineral salts, magnesium, and iron oxide trace elements. The clay seal was by Moroccans as a daily therapy used to cleanse and purify the skin. Rassoul mixed with rose water is a good way to neutralize the sebum production and is especially suitable for oily hair and oily skin. This mixture purifies, relaxes, refreshes and slimmed the body. Then the body is wrapped in a film, allowing the active ingredients of the mixture thoroughly into the skin can interact, causing the body regains its softness and vitality.

To finish, enjoy a soothing massage with fragrant natural argan oil, a benevolent speed and voltages are removed from the body and toxins are removed.

In conjunction with the sauna, this is really a treat for your body.


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